Certification Tutoring in Tampa:

Need help earning your certifications?
We can help tutor you for your
Windows XP (70-270), Windows 7 (70-680),
Server 2003/2008 (70-290), NetMan (70-291),
or SQL Server 2005/2008 certifications
(70-431/70-432/70-433/70-441 to 70-444/70-450/70-451).

Group rates make it even more affordable.
We can come to your home, or come to our office.

Need to learn technologies like
VB.NET, SQL, or Crystal Reports?
We can pass this knowledge on to you!

We can also help to develop a comprehensive
certification training "boot camp"
tailored for your learning style to
help you pass your exams on the first try.
If you don't pass, we pay for your next exam!

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